What's the point of buying my beer online when I can just go to the store?

First, beer delivery and pickup is convenient. No more lugging heavy cases of beer to your car or up the stairs. Second, beer delivery and pickup saves you time. Imagine skipping the line, every time. And third, you get the peace of mind of being prepared. Got a virtual happy hour happening at the last minute? No problem, you can order some beer OnDemand. Planning a movie night for you and your partner? No worries, add a case of beer to your grocery order.

Is beer delivery and pickup even available where I live?

Depending on where you live, regulations for beer delivery are different. To be sure you're in the right place, type your address in the search bar and see what comes up. If the beer appears on a store's website near you, you can go ahead and make a purchase through their site.

How far in advance do I have to order my beer?

It depends where you're ordering from. If you're getting beer and grocery delivery with an option like Instacart, you can plan ahead and add items – including beer – throughout the week. If you feel like having a beer ASAP, you can use an OnDemand delivery service like Drizly to get your beer delivered in as little as 30 minutes.

What do I do if I want my beer delivery right now?!

We're here with great news: there's no need to drop everything for a beer run. You can get your beer delivered right now! If you're looking for same day beer delivery, try an OnDemand service like Drizly to get your beer delivered straight to your door.

How can I see all the beer options like I do in the store?

Just like you’d browse the aisles at your favorite grocery store, you can explore the shelf online too. It’s easy to discover new beers by browsing through photos and descriptions, reading rating and reviews, or getting reccomendations based on what you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Are they going to check my ID?

Definitely. Just like your age is verified when you're buying your beer in-person, it should be verified when you buy online as well. If you're not 21, you're not buying.

Is it more expensive to buy my beer online?

While some delivery services or grocers might have delivery minimums or additional service charges, the cost of the beer you're buying should remain the same. When you're ordering beer home delivery, keep an eye for special promotions and offers that will help you save.