Four Peaks

6.5% ABV

Four Peaks Hazy IPA

We said we would never brew a hazy IPA. We lied. this delightfully cloudy ale is brewed with oats and flaked Sonoran White Wheat..

6.7% ABV

Four Peaks Hop Knot IPA

Hop Knot features five American hop varieties woven into the brewing process at seven different intervals for bold citrus-and-pi..

6% ABV

Four Peaks Kilt Lifter Scottish-Style Ale

Kilt Lifter is our award-winning flagship brew, crafted in the tradition and honor of the great strong ales of Scotland. Take on..

5.4% ABV

Four Peaks White Ale Belgian-Style Witbier

True to its Belgian roots but infused with Arizona substance, our witbier is brewed with local orange peel and Sonoran White Whe..

3.4% ABV

Four Peaks Gilt Lifter Scottish-Style Light Ale

Brandishing bold bready flavors, this ale contains all the malty, toasted love of our classic Kilt Lifter® Scottish ale with hal..

5.2% ABV

Four Peaks Golden Lager

Two decades in the making, our Golden Lager is brewed with some of the world's most celebrated lager yeast for an authentic, ele..

4.5% ABV

Four Peaks Peach Golden Ale

Little-known fact: Arizona grows some prime peaches. This delicious golden ale is infused with the refreshing fruit to give you..

7% ABV

Four Peaks Brewing Company Xerocole IPA

A name given to animals adapted to live in harsh desert environments. As brewers who also must overcome sweltering heat and lack..

5.1% ABV

Four Peaks Rosé Our Way Sparkling Ale with Cranberry

Brewed for wine-loving beer folk, this effervescent, low-carb ale has flavors of berries, melon and white grapes. Is it wine? No..