Kona Brewing Co

4.4% ABV

Big Wave® Golden Ale

Paddle into easy-drinking, island refreshment with Big Wave. So smooth, it’s like catching the crest of a breaking wave at Oahu’..

5% ABV

Spiked Island Seltzer Variety Pack

Need a Hawaiian vacation? Every fizzy sip of our crisp hard seltzers is packed with tropical tastes that will transport your sen..

4.6% ABV

Longboard Island Lager

Ride a wave of crisp refreshment with Longboard. It goes down smooth like the surf break at iconic Waikiki Beach - so chill, you..

Varies% ABV

Wave Rider Variety Case

When your ohana comes together, the stories flow easier, the laughs carry farther, and everything just feels right. Relaxing and..

4.2% ABV

Kona Light Blonde Ale

Sit back and relax, with a crisp, 99-calorie Kona Light in hand. It’s as refreshing as that golden island moment then the day is..

Varies% ABV

Island Hopper Beer Variety Pack

The Island Hopper Variety Pack; Take home four of Kona's best brews—all in one twelve-pack box!

7.2% ABV

Gold Cliff IPA

Dive into bright, pineapple refreshment with Gold Cliff IPA. It's as thrilling as a leap from the folden cliffs of Lanai and spl..

4.5% ABV

Hanalei Island IPA

Hanalei Island IPA is easy-drinking and our brewers' homage to the Garden Isle and the Hawaiian classic drink, POG. Passionfruit..