8.6% ABV

Redhook Big Ballard Imperial IPA, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

In 1981, Redhook Brewery was born in a converted transmission shop in Ballard, kickstarting the Seattle craft brewing movement...

6.8% ABV

Redhook Storm Surge Hazy IPA, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

The waves are turbulent and unrelenting. They toss your ship to and fro and then, out of nowhere, a f*cking octopus shows up and..

6.2% ABV

Redhook Long Hammer IPA, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

Named in honor of our industrious predecessors whose hard work helped make Seattle such an incredible city, Long Hammer IPA is b..

5.8% ABV

Redhook ESB Extra Special Bitter, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

Redhook ESB has been brewed continuously since 1987. True to British ESB Style, the beer is not extra bitter, despite having the..

6.7% ABV

Redhook Peaches for Me IPA, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

Peaches for Me IPA is loaded with juicy peach and mango, amplified by brazen Bravo, tropical Citra, and experimental HBC431 hops..

6.7% ABV

Redhook Wheat Street IPA, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans

Take a sip of Wheat Street IPA and you may suddenly find yourself somewhere new. Can you taste notes of pine and citrus? Soft wh..