8% ABV

Ritas™ Lime-A-Rita™ Sparkling Margarita

Ritas Lime-A-Rita Sparkling Margarita is a light, refreshing option that's perfect for every occasion. Each margarita alcohol dr..

8% ABV

Ritas™ Straw-Ber-Rita® Malt Beverage

RITAS Straw-Ber-Rita has the great taste of a strawberry margarita with a twist of Bud Light Lime for a delightfully refreshing..

6% ABV

Ritas™ Mang-O-Rita® Sparkling Margarita

Make me a Mang-O-Rita! No problem. We take ripe, juicy mango flavors and mix them with a classic margarita flavor for you to con..

8% ABV

Ritas Guav-A-Rita

RITAS introduces Guav-A-Rita, the perfect blend of tropical fruit flavors to take your taste buds to paradise no matter where yo..

8% ABV

Ritas™ Water-Melon-Rita® Sparkling Margarita, 25 fl. oz. Can

Say what’s up to Water-Melon- Rita! If you prefer a watermelon margarita that has all of the juiciness and none of the seeds—thi..

5% ABV

Ritas Freeze-A-Rita

Freeze-A-Rita Icicles are a refreshing sweet treat this summer! In Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita flavors, these Icicles are 8%..