Wynwood Brewing

6.2% ABV

Wynwood Brewing Pop's Porter

Pops was retired when I said, “hey Pops, let’s start a brewing company.” His response? “Make me a beer I can enjoy when I’m gril..

5% ABV

Wynwood Brewing La Rubia Blonde Ale

Blonde ales are smooth and refreshing! Light in color with a light body and great taste.

6.9% ABV

Wynwood Brewing Laces IPA

Our IPA is bright and tropical with a citrusy hop aroma, a light golden color and clean crisp finish.

Variety% ABV

Wynwood Brewing Mix Pack

La Rubia: Our Flagship beer. Light-colored. Sunny. Easy drinking y con sabor. Laces IPA:This India Pale Ale ties together a mix..

9.3% ABV

Wynwood Brewing Father Francisco Belgian Style Golden Ale

Father Francisco is named after the first Jesuit priest that set up a mission at the Miami river in the early 1500s. This golden..